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Small businesses can take advantage of today’s digital platforms in a variety of ways. Among all the different methods of connecting with an online audience, however, the most popular is via your website.

Your website serves as your portfolio to the world and is where you can convert your target audience into customers. If you already have a website but are still finding your way around the whole digital marketing process, you might have a few questions in mind that you’re hesitant to ask.

Here, we’ll be breaking down three common SEO-related questions that new small businesses often ask.

1. How does Google find my website?


For new businesses out there, this is a common question that most are afraid to speak out loud. In order for Google to find your website, you need to register the website in the Google Search Console (GSC). 

After you’ve registered your website on GSC, you need to add your business to Google My Business (GMB). GMB represents your physical business and it targets locally. To set up your GMB account, you need to ensure accuracy and consistency. If you don’t have a brick-and-mortar store, GMB may not be as important. If you do have a storefront, however, GMB is how you will draw local customers in.

2. How does a website become SEO-friendly?


Search Engine Optimization allows your site to be relevant. Therefore, it requires you to pay close attention to the words and phrases individuals use when searching for your products or service online. A website becomes SEO-friendly when it is relevant to the user’s searches through the strategic use of keywords, proper site elements, good quality content, and overall excellent customer experience.


3.How important is having a mobile SEO strategy?


Mobile SEO is extremely important. How many users are there who use their mobile phones to search for information on the internet every day? It only makes sense for you to put a good mobile SEO strategy in place. Your website must adequately display across all devices and it should load quickly.

These are the three questions that most new business owners hesitate to ask. Your website will play a significant role in your business, which is why it’s vital that you know how to make the most out of it.

If you want to change your business, you need to understand the reasons behind your customers’ conversions. In doing so, you’ll be able to gain valuable insight that will help your website rank on Google.

Additionally, make use of other tools that can help you gain more insights. When you have the right data, you’ll be able to make better business decisions. Gather data with the use of Google Analytics and don’t forget to make use of Google Tag Manager (GTM).

GTM will allow you to track the actions of users on your website, which will be helpful in understanding customer behavior. Google Analytics, on the other hand, will provide you broader data on everything that has to do with your website.

Starting out online as a business may seem daunting especially with the influx of technical terms that could be intimidating at first. Therefore, many small business startups hire an internet marketing agency to help them set up strategies and make their website launch a success.

If you’re looking for a local SEO company in Cleveland, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.